What’s better than winning an award? The power to share it!

We at achos! have recently been awarded a LAUS '13 (international award for graphic design), but we think that better than winning an award is being able to share it with those who have helped and inspired us to do what we do and to be who we are today.

Case Study

The project How to Split an award surprised many, despite our early announcement of our intentions.



We decided to publicize the project in phases, using Twitter as the main platform of communication.

We have it!

On the 11th of December, 2013, we thanked @adgfad publicly via twitter. This ensured that our followers and those of @adgfad knew that we had a Laus in our hands.

Forewarned is forearmed!

The 13th of December, we sent a notice to @adgfad: "Forewarned is forearmed, we’re gonna break it @adgfad @Laus_Awards.” Our goal was to create confusion and arouse interest in the twitter of achos!

Happy new year!

On December 31st, we shipped an achos! Laus to 26 recipients by express mail. The same day, we wished everyone a happy new year on Twitter, and furthermore we congratulated them for the award they had won, an award that was already on the way, even though they didn’t know they had won anything.



Aleix Artigal, Carne de Gallina, Dani Navarro, David Galar, Eduardo del Fraile, Eduardo Manso, Enric Aguilera, Esteve Traveset, Herraiz Soto, Hugo Ferradas, Iago Barreiro, Lo Siento, Mich Micenmacher, Morrison, MQ Creative Lab, Natural, Pep Colomer, Snoop Barcelona, Salvador Huertas, The Ting Tings, Vicente Reyes, We are Mucho, Xavi Paluzie... y a las familias Ortega, Verástegui y de Martino.


After a few days, people started sharing their surprise, and thanking us for our unexpected shipment, giving us greater reach, notoriety, and even making the news!